Welcome to Jupiter Realty

Jupiter Realty is an independently owned Real Estate Agent. We at Jupiter Realty believe in honesty, fairness and professionalism. As a well trusted agency we can offer personalised service that focuses on both buyers and sellers needs first before ours.

Our services include: -
- Residential Property Management
- Residential Sales
- Home Loans

Our trained and friendly staff are on hand to assist you with Real Estate requirements.

We believe that communication is the key to our relationship which has lead to our growing number of happy clients. Whether it is property for sale or lease, you may sit back and relax in the knowledge that your properties are in experienced and professional hands.

Our commitment

Our technology

Our service guarantee

Our Commitment

Our business in real estates is all about your success – whether you are a buyer, a seller (vendor), or a renter (tenant). Our prime vision is to focus on providing exceptional customer service to you. At Jupiter Realty we place our customers at the centre of everything we do as we aim to deliver on-time, reliable, efficient and cost effective services. We aim to seek the very best outcome for you and to develop positive long lasting relationships with you built on trust and confidence. We are therefore determined to provide you a positive real estate experience and we invite you to take advantage of our truly customer oriented service offerings. The whole truth behind our customer service vision is that your success will eventually become our success; your success is the ultimate motivating factor that drives us to keep providing the highest level of customer service possible to you, and your success consequently motivates us to continually provide the same high level of customer service that all our customers deserve and rightfully expect from us. And above all, the same level of service commitment also applies to those who are simply ‘passing-by’ - we believe and trust that the high level of customer service that we have on offer will be difficult for anyone to simply ‘pass over’!

Our customer service commitment to you includes, but is not limited to, responding confidently, courteously and efficiently to your enquiries, providing timely and accurate information, promptly attending to all your service requests and providing timely feedbacks, minimising to the extent possible your time and effort required in any property related dealings we undertake on your behalf, fully complying with Residential Tenancies Act 2010 in all our dealings with both tenants and landlords as applicable to safeguard the interests of all parties involved.

Jupiter Realty has mainly been trading in Westmead and its surrounding suburbs for more than ten years, and it is progressively growing as we are continually gaining experience in other varied Sydney Metropolitan areas. Our commitment towards exceptional customer service is surely taking us far and wide generating a good amount of return business in its wake. Our existing clients, including all others who have sought our advice and assistance in property matters, will remember us for providing high quality of service and conducting our business with them to the highest ethical standards.

Our Technology

We are proud of the fact that we have access to modern and renowned technologies designed for the real estate business. As our valued client you will in turn have access to some of these technologies through our website portal that will allow you full-time online access to important information and documents pertaining to your assets stored securely in a central server, such as those listed below.

If you are a tenant registered in our database, then through our website you are able to:

  • View your current ledger
  • View your complete ledger
  • View your property manager's contact details
  • Contact your property manager

If you are a property owner or landlord registered in our database, then through our website you are able to:

  • View rental ledger for all your tenants, current and past
  • View a list of your managed properties
  • View reports for the current period and previous periods
  • View income & expenditure reports
  • View your property manager's contact details
  • Contact your property manager

For Jupiter Realty these technologies offer a wide range of alternatives for successfully conducting our property management and marketing programs on your behalf. These technologies enable us to quickly list your properties on our very own website and make them available to the market in the shortest time possible to maximise your chances of success at generating interest and attracting the most appropriate buyer or tenant. And to further increase your chances of success, we go above and beyond our means to also make such listings visible and accessible through other prominent websites in order to attract the attention of an even wider market. As our valuable client we ensure that you are well served either way, and that your properties enjoy a much bigger exposure they rightfully deserve as they are primed to compete successfully in a much wider market.

Our Service Guarantee

Jupiter Realty guarantees to provide you with the best possible service in the management of your investment property as detailed below.

  • We guarantee our service.
  • Your Property will be listed on our ‘Rental Property Guide’ as soon as a Notice to Vacate has been received from an existing Tenant, or when your Property is entrusted to us to locate a suitable Tenant.
  • A colour photograph will be taken and placed in our prominent rental window display.
  • A signboard will be erected at your Property, if authorised.
  • We will access our existing prospective Tenant database and arrange inspections by Tenants who are looking to rent within your Property’s price range and location.
  • Regular contact will be made throughout the pre-lease period to provide an activity update including comments received by prospective Tenants about your Property.
  • We will present to the Landlord all Applications obtained from prospective Tenants.
  • We will conduct thorough checks on Tenants applying for your Property as permitted by law, to ensure that to the best of our knowledge the information given to us is accurate and that the Tenant will fulfill all obligations as per the Tenancy Agreement.
  • We will conduct a thorough internal and external 6 month inspection of your Property and provide you with a comprehensive report following each inspection.
  • We will attend to all maintenance repairs as quickly as reported as per the Management Agreement.  We will advise or suggest any ongoing maintenance requirements which will keep your Property in a condition which will assist it to retain its optimum market value.
  • On a daily basis, we will conduct rent arrears checks and immediately follow up on any outstanding monies owing. Prompt action in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act will be taken.

Should we fail to perform in any of the above areas, we invite you to register your complaint in writing. If the complaint is not acted upon and rectified within 5 days after receipt of your letter, you have the option to cancel our Agency agreement as per your Management Agreement. If this occurs within the first three months of our management we will refund all the management fees charged.


Pravin Pathik

Pravin Pathik